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Michael Loyd Jr. Was In Trouble With The Law

More news coming out of Provo regarding Michael Loyd transferring from BYU, apparently he was getting in trouble with the law.  There was nothing really serious by most standards with the multiple speeding tickets, but the under age drinking/possession would have been the reason for his dismal from the team and not because of differences.  

However, according to the basketball staff they were unaware of his alcohol related offense:

Loyd kept the violations hidden from the school and coaching staff, according to a source close to the coaches who said that the rising star was kicked off the team for other reasons. Rose called them "accountability" and "responsibility" issues in a news conference last week. 

BYU officials said last week that they were unaware of Loyd's legal troubles in 2009 and his excessive traffic violations.  Through a BYU basketball spokesperson, Rose declined to be interviewed for this report.
"Neither Dave Rose nor his coaching staff are aware of any of the matters [ The Tribune ] inquired about regarding Michael Loyd Jr.," the spokesperson said.

While some may think that it is impossible to keep an alcohol related offense from BYU officials, but when he was not with any of his teammates and only a girl plus the fact the incident was in South Jordan, Utah which is about 30 miles from BYU's campus in Provo.

For some more insight below is a radio interview with Michael Loyd Jr.'s lawyer:

Below are Loyd's traffic and legal citations since 2008
Date Jurisdiction Offense(s) Fine(s)
March 8, 2008 Provo Speeding 47 in a 25 zone $282
April 4, 2008 Provo No proof of insurance $50
July 7, 2008 Provo Speeding 39 in a 30 zone $207*
July 8, 2008 Millard Co. Speeding 85 in a 75 zone $82
Jan. 4, 2009 S. Jordan Underage drinking/possession $640
June 8, 2009 Wash. Co. Speeding 84 in a 75 zone/

Driving on a denied license $140

March 16, 2010 Utah Co. Speeding 60 in a 45 zone $115
April 25, 2010 Beaver Co. Speeding 96 in a 75 zone $240
April 27, 2010 Millard Co. Speeding 90 in a 75 zone $115

*Includes bail payment made Jan. 4, 2009 for outstanding warrant


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