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UNLV 2010 Football Recruit Analysis: Week 5 - Recruits 13-15

This is the fifth article of an eight part "Recruiting Trip" that will describe each UNLV football recruit. Each seperate article will start off with the same introduction.

UNLV has a wide variety of recruits this year, as this coming year will be Bobby Hauck's first year as UNLV head coach. This class ranges from Defensive Ends to Running Backs and shows promise in almost every recruit. He impressed many people, including myself, in the job he did in such a short period.

Hauck was put in the top 25 recruiters by ESPN, given the late start he had, and that deserves some recognition in itself. His highest recruit that he signed was given a 75 by Scouts, Inc. and was a 3 star recruit, but when your coming from a team that went 5-7 its past 2 years and has literally no prestige under its belt, thats not a bad job of recruiting.

List of 2010 recruits, their upsides, downsides and statistics:

Name: Perry Cooper

School: UNLV

Position: Outside Linebacker

Height/Weight: 6'3" 220 lbs.

High School: The Woodlands in The Woodlands, TX

Other Offers: Buffalo, Kansas State, Iowa State, UTEP

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, ESPN, Scouts, Max Preps

Cooper doesn't feature great athleticism or coverage skills, but he does show patience in stopping the run and going after the QB. His patience in looking for the gaps in the offensive line always gives him a chance of stopping the run or getting to the QB on a blitz, but if there are no gaps in the offensive line he can't really do much. He's not very big, very strong or very fast, so he can't really get around an offensive lineman one on one. His coverage skills are not very good because, like I said earlier, he's not very fast and likes to go after the interception a lot. The fact that is coverage skills are bad is really going to hurt him in the long run. The upside? He features great patience in the gaps. The downside? His coverage skiills are bad and he isn't very athletic.

Name: Tim Cornett

School: UNLV

Position: RB

Height/Weight: 6'0" 190 lbs.

High School: North Shore High School in Houston, TX

Other Offers: Houston, UTEP, Louisiana Tech

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, ESPN, Scouts, Max Preps

There is no information given to give an evaluation.

Name: Kurt Davis

School: UNLV

Position: Wide Receiver

Height/Weight: 6'5" 200 lbs.

High School: Centennial Senior High School in Compton, CA

Other Offers: San Jose State, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona State

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, ESPN, Scouts, Max Preps

There is no information given to give an evaluation.