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Boise State To The Mountain West May Finally Become A Reality

Out of all of the expansion rumors regarding the Big 10 have been exactly that, just rumors. However, Boise State to the Mountain West has been an obvious slap in the face move to join the Mountain West, but a lot of people (pointing at myself here) have been wondering why the league has not made any noise about this.

Expansion talk regarding the Mountain West goes back to the fall of 2007, with frequently updated posts wondering why Boise has not been invited yet, and then there was that secret invite for Boise to join the Mountain West which was floated around nearly 18 months ago. The Broncos are an obvious fit with their multiple regular season undefeated seasons and two BCS wins.

The BCS finally released their super secret formula and the Mountain West, as expected, is being dragged down by San Diego State, UNLV, and New Mexico. Those bottoms teams are the reason the Mountain West is currently not entirely on track to become a BCS league, but they are close. The addition of Boise would make them stronger in the average computer rankings for the conference, which is where the league is not in the top six and behind the Big 10.

Perhaps Craig Thompson, the Mountain West Athletic Directors, and school Presidents have been doing this the right way, by being quiet about expansion. The presidents do meet in June and while there are no sources saying expansion will happen it most certainly will be on the table:

The Mountain West Conference presidents meet next month, and there's at least a decent chance that they will formally invite BSU - if not immediately after the gathering, then before July 1.
If the MWC wants Boise State's performance in the 2008-10 seasons to be included in the formula that determines whether the MWC receives an automatic BCS bid for the next cycle of games - and it sure as heck does - then the Broncos must be a member of the MWC in 2011.

And for them to be a member in 2011, they must be invited by July 1, 2010.

Even though adding Boise may not put the Mountain West over the top to become a BCS league -- because of the bottom of the league is weighing them down -- this move could be seen as a move to make the league stronger then the Big East once when they get taken over by the Big 10. Plus, this could be a way to keep Utah from going to the Pac-10 by creating a stronger Mountain West, but we all know Utah would jump at the chance to join them for the financial security and the prestige that the Pac-10 would bring long term.

Kudos all-around to Craig Thompson once the invite is made official which must be made by June 30th, so that the 2008-2010 Boise State's rankings from the WAC will be counted toward the Mountain West's BCS rankings. Is it too early to welcome the Broncos to the Mountain West for 2011 football?