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More Info On The Michael Loyd Transfer

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Yesterday it was revealed that BYU guard Michael Loyd was transferring from the program, but gave no reason why.  The reason was not an honor code or grade issue but rather that Loyd was uncomfortable at BYU for being a minority as non-LDS and being african-american.  There was no movement to force Loyd out, but there were some words toward Loyd's regarding his appearance:

Loyd wasn't forced out, but he was given some ultimatums in regards to behavior, dress and appearance that he apparently decided he just couldn't abide by.

Let's put it this way: showing up on national television with a mohawk haircut for BYU's NCAA Tournament games, or playing against Utah with a tongue piercing, probably didn't help his cause.

Still no word on where he will transfer, but at least he is not going all Carlon Brown and testing the NBA draft waters, yet.