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QB Jon Eastman to Transfer From CSU

Solidly locked behind freshman Nico Ranieri and Pete Thomas as the 3rd string, or lower, quarterback Jon Eastman will head out of Fort Collins after one year and head to Sioux Falls University.  Eastman had six appearances last year with two touchdowns and three interceptions.

All this really means for the Rams is that they lose a bit of depth at QB but after the spring Eastman had he was looking like the 4-5th guy.  It also means the Ranieri / Thomas battle was visible to all the players during spring camp as this seems to be a process that started a few weeks ago.  The Rams will free up a scholarship with Eastman's departure.

Ram fans should be overall happy about this as the Rams get a scholarship and are just down a QB who wasn't going to see time and threw the ball pretty goofy anyways.  Having said that he should do pretty well at Sioux Falls University.