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TCU's OT Marshall Newhouse Picked 169th By The Green Bay Packers

The third TCU player taken was tackle Marshall Newhouse and will be a developmental project to groom into an eventual contributor or starter.  This was the second tackle the Packers took in the draft with their first round pick.  SB Nation's Packers blog Acme Packing Company grades the pick:

5th round, No. 169 overall. TCU LT Marshall Newhouse. Another head scratcher. After drafting a future LT in the 1st round, they went and drafted a LT project in the 5th round. Here's my best spin on the selection. He's been a starter the past three years at TCU and the Packers might have serious depth problems on the line in a year or two if Clifton and Tauscher decline rapidly, and Colledge and/or Spitz leave as free agents. His biggest problems seem to be technique and awareness of schemes, which can be fixed by coaching. However you can't teach a guy how to be 6'4", 319 lbs. with an arm length of 34 inches (longer than Bulaga). He's an interesting tackle project. Grade: C.