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Utah's DB Robert Johnson Picked 148th By The Tennessee Titans

Most Ute fans are shocked at how low Johnson went, because of his huge playmaking abilities and I consider him a similar style player to Baltimore's Ed Reed in that he knocks down balls, makes plays, and if he gets the ball is a threat for a huge return.  Going to the Titans is a good spot because he is expected to get a shot to be at least a rotational player during training camp.

SB Nation's Music City Miracle was not too satisfied with this pick and wanted Myron Rolle instead:


Man, Myron Rolle must have completely convinced teams that he doesn't have his heart in football, because I can't believe he's still on the board.  That being said, we've joined the trend of passing on him and drafted Johnson from Utah (side note: we can only hope that he has sold his soul to the devil to learn how to play... just like another Robert Johnson).  
Titan fans should not worry Johnson will be a very good player in the league, but he is somewhat of a project in that he will not be a starter until maybe sometime in year two.