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CSU Lone Draftee Shelly Smith Goes 183rd To The Houston Texans

OG Shelly Smith was the lone Ram picked in the draft at #183 in the 6th round and with no surprise went to the Houston Texans with coach Gary Kubiak. Houston is where Rams go to the NFL since Kubiak took over due to his ties to CSU. Smith was the best O line man the Rams had last year, at the NFL Smith will have to fight to get some playing time and looks to start as a back up. Houston Texans blog Battle Red Blog had this to say about the pick.

Shelley Smith: I'm not as excited about this pick. I like that we tried to address the interior line, and he seems like a scheme fit, but we already had a subpar level of performance pretty much locked in at guard between Wade Smith, Antoine Caldwell, Mike Briesel, and Kasey Studdard. We needed someone with higher upside than this, in my mind. Time will tell and hopefully Rick Dennison saw good things in him, but I could take or leave this pick.