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UNLV's Joe Hawley Picked 117th Overall To The Atlanta Falcons

Joe Hawley was picked by the Falcons in the fourth round and while he played mostly guard at UNLV he may be making the switch to center.  SB Nation's Atlanta Falcon site -- which has a great name -- The Falcoholic is puzzled on why they took Hawley so early:

What really bothers me about this pick, however, is who isn't going to be available down the line. If you like Hawley better than Tennant, by all means, take him. But why do it in the fourth round, when the chances of other teams selecting him until the fifth or sixth are so slim? There are guys left at other positions I would have preferred here. Maybe there was another team who was targeting Hawley and Dimitroff felt he held to pull the trigger, but I'm really not sure how likely that was. The Broncos were linked to him at one point, I believe.

Not sure if this is encouraging for Falcon fans but here is a video of Hawley catching passes.