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Six Players Drafted is a Sign of Utah's Growing Program

In case you haven't noticed yet, Utah is becoming big time.

Having a school record six players selected in the 2010 NFL Draft this weekend, Utah continues to establish themselves as an elite, talent producing program.  

Only USC, Alabama, Florida and Oklahoma had more players drafted than Utah.  Tied with Utah was Iowa, LSU, Penn State, Tennessee & Texas.  Utah was among very elite company on Draft weekend.

Maybe the best part about Utah's six selections was they were all three-star recruits or less.   All of the four Utah players selected in the 2009 draft were two-star recruits.  Few school, if any, can find and develop talent like Utah does.

Recruits will take notice.  If Utah can turn two-star players into NFL prospects, imagine what Utah would do with four or five-star recruits, who Utah is now starting to pull in.  This feat, combined with the Pac-10 rumors could result in a very nice recruiting class for Utah.

This all occurred in what many fans called a rebuilding season, after many players departed from the undefeated 08-09 team.  With Utah already having better success recruiting against BCS schools, their success should continue to grow.

Despite losing six NFL caliber players, many expect Utah to be even better in 2010.  It will be tough to replace that kind of talent, but history indicates that they will reload rather than rebuild, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  

Weekends like this can only be good for a program.  This certainly won't be the last for the Utes.

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