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Making the Rounds: UNLV And their opponents


The Rebels had their spring practice last Saturday, here is my recap of the game from last week and here is the official UNLV site's take on the game. Here is what coach had to say about the Quarterback race:

"We're not anywhere near naming a starter. There was not enough separation to make that call. I would ideally like to have one named in time for game week."

Freshman QB Caleb Herring looked good going 3-5 for 10 yards and also running for a 9 yard touchdown.

When questioned about which players stood out in the spring, Hauck mentioned senior center John Gioninnoto, senior linebacker Ronnie Paulo, senior end Isaak Auitui and junior running back C.J. Cox.

"Those are the guys off the top of my head who had really outstanding springs."

Here was Coach Hauck's take on how the spring went overall:

"I think our game management and attention to detail were good today," said the former Montana head coach. "We've learned to play hard in stretches this spring but the tackling has to improve. The execution is not as sharp as we need it to be. We have to play a lot better to take on the schedule we have this season."

I agree with him on that subject, the way we played at the spring game is not going to beat Wisconsin or West Virginia.

A starting Defensive End did get injured for UNLV during the spring game so Freshman Desmond Tautofi will take his place to start the season.


Wisconsin -

The Cardinal team beat the White in Wisconsin's spring game last Saturday 33-11.

The Cardinal team had both the 1st string defense and offense. According to the official Wisconsin Badgers site, the Cardinal offense had a few long drives that ended in touchdowns and head coach Bret Bielma was pleased:

"I was impressed with how well the Cardinal offnse did today," Bielma explained, "To be able to finish off 3 or 4 of those methodical drives this early in the pre-season is a huge advantage. You normally don't see this kind of progress until around June or July."

He was also excited about the Cardinal defense who held the White offense to just 11 points, 5 of those coming in the rapid-fire section, they didn't give up a touchdown all day. Here is his take on how the defense played:

"The defense showed great discipline in staying in their gaps and not overreacting on a counter play," Bielma said, "The only issue is that occassionally the safties would get locked on to the QB's eyes and would let a Wide Receiver go right past them for a big gain."

It looks to me like the way we beat this team is a lot of play-action long balls. If, and that is a big if, we can establish some sort of running game, we could possibly hit them over the top all day in that manner.

Hawaii -

The Warriors set the date for the "Warrior Bowl", which is their final spring scrimmage, for April 30th. The scrimmage will be at a practice field known as Ching Field. I find it funny the details that the Hawaii site provides:

No outside food or drinks are allowed inside Ching Field.

Bleacher seats hold approximately 800, so fans are encouraged to bring blankets, beach mats or sand chairs, which are allowed on the asphalt and grass areas. Standing on the track will be allowed. Smoking is prohibited inside Ching Field.

It is kind of funny how Hawaii plays at a field where no food or drinks are allowed and that there is a track at the stadium... Why don't they just hold it at Aloha Stadium?

Hawaii conducted a fan survey at the season closer against Wisconsin about what time you would like kickoff to be in th future. Here are the details on the results from the survey, the Warriors Atheltic Director Jim Donovan is expected to make announcement on start times for the 2010 home games.


West Virginia -

On Saturday West Virginia held another spring scrimmage. Most noticed Daquan Hargrett, who "reminded everyone not to leav him out when setting the depth chart this fall." Apparently fans weren't the only people that noticed him, here is head coach Bill Stewart's take on Hargrett's performance:

"Daquan puts that foot on the ground and he goes north. He was nicked-up earlier with a high ankle sprain, but he never said a word," Stewart said. "He just goes about his business. He looked like he had some good runs today."

Star Running Back Noel Devine went for 97 yards only 8 carries.

Coley White, the starting quarterback for WVU, went 14 for 17 for 105 yards with a long pass of 14 yards.


Idaho -

The Silver team wo the Vandals Silver and Gold game on Friday. Head Coach Robb Akey had this to say about the improvement of a depleted O-Line:

"The offensive line is coming along," he said of the unit depleted by graduation. "I'm happy with the progress we've made."

He also thought the defense made a lot of progress this spring:

"We gained a lot of ground on defense this spring. What I see, and what you probably saw tonight, was a defense that has gained confidence. It has a swagger. I'm very happy to see that."

Overall it turned out to be the offense making big plays to get into field goal range quick but unable to capitalize and settle for field goals. That either means the defense is really good in the red zone or that the offense is just horrible in the red zone. Personally I think it is the offense because th o-line was depleted by graduation last year and that means trouble running. If you can't run the football in the red zone, that makes passing in the red zone even tougher than it already is.