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TCU's LB Daryl Washington Picked 47th To The Arizona Cardinals

Daryl has a little pressure put on him after the Cardinals swapped second round picks with the Patriots and gave up this years third rounder to land Daryl Washington.  They did give up a lot to get Washington partly because the Cadinals scrambled with Sergio Kindle off the board which resulted in that trade.

Here is a snippet of what Revenge of the Birds has to say about Washington:

One issue that scouts had with him was his frame. Washington is an ideal inside linebacker, but still needs to bulk up and add lower body strength now that he's at the next level. He's also not a strong tackler and needs to sink his hips instead of wrapping around the shoulder pads. He could also work on taking better angles, because quicker NFL backs will get past him. Other then that, Washington could've easily been a first round selection.

Washington will likely back up veteran linebacker Paris Lenon through the beginning of the regular season. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis already revealed that once a rookie linebacker is ready, he'll take over in the middle. Daryl Washington will be that guy.