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Utah's DE Koa Misi Picked 40th To Miami Dolphins

Utah's Koa Misi was getting a lot of love leading up to the draft, but he sky rocketed up to the 40th pick by the Miami Dolphins and was the second Mountain West player taken after TCU's Jerry Hughes. Misi is projected to play outside linebacker in the Dolphins 4-3 defense. Some Dolphins fans were not too happy with the pick (see comments) and some wanted Sergio Kindle and his iPhone (that is a running joke at the Solid Verbal podcast).

However, the folks at Phinsider really do like this pick:

I really like the selection of Koa Misi because of how versatile he looks to be. Yes, the Dolphins need to generate a pass rush and Misi will have to do some of that. But Miami had a lot of trouble covering backs and tight ends and Misi said he's very comfortable dropping into coverage. I expect Misi to start from week one at outside linebacker. I just hope fans don't put too much pressure on him right away. Unfortunately for Misi, though, he's going to be linked to Jason Taylor this year. If Taylor has a better year in NY than Misi does down in Miami, you can bet this front office will hear it - as unfair as that is considering Koa will be learning a new position.