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Colorado State Spring Game and Spring Practice Recap

The Colorado State Rams just played out their first spring game of the Fairchild era with the Gold team winning on a two point conversion with a reverse.  Score doesn't really matter as it looked to be rigged by Fairchild him self when he gave Gold a second chance on their last drive when he just let them keep possession after a turnover on downs and try again.  We did learn a few things though and since I love bullet points here they are.

  • The receivers are the weak part of this team.  Byron Steele pulled up grabbing his hamstring on the first play and it was down hill from there.  I would guess the drop count at around 5-10 balls on 30 some throws.  Everyone seemed to have a drop not just a few players.  Throughout the spring there was mixed reports on the receivers also and it showed today.
  • The QB race is between Nico Ranieri and Pete Thomas.  TJ Borcky was at WR when he was healthy (looked like a groin pull early before the game kept him in and out of action), McPeek got some snaps but nothing special, and Jon Eastman came in to hand the ball off before Thomas went back in for the "winning" drive.
  • Ranieri looked good today, no huge mistakes and he looked capable.  He does have the better arm between him and Thomas but not sure he has the better touch or accuracy.  Really nothing wrong with him just needs some polish and experience.
  • Thomas looked like the starter today, someone you could actually feel comfortable with too.  His pocket presence was there on a 5 yard scramble, the deep pass is beautiful and accurate, his reads looked spot on as he hit guys in traffic confidently even if the defense was pressuring.  His arm isn't weak by any means, just not exciting strong, but he is still a kid and could add some velocity during his time at CSU.  From his first practice to now there has been big steps made, if he continues at this pace you will see him under center September 4th at Invesco taking on the CU Buffs.
  • The running back corps is deep, Chris Nwoke, Leonard Mason, Lou Greenwood and John Mosure got the bulk of the carries today.  Raymond Carter was sadly out with an ankle tweak, but still was rocking a fresh mohawk.  The backs looked good with Nwoke getting the most action and made a few nice runs, he did have a dropped pass though.
  • The linemen looked good with a few nice runs, great blocking on screen plays, and just one sack allowed for both sides.  They did lose a lot of experience but I am not to worried, the talent looks to be here still.
  • Defense looked decent while not getting beat on anything to easy.  They had no interceptions but possibly a few forced fumbles that the refs didn't bother with and just gave the offense the ball.  The secondary might have had a bit to do with some of the dropped passes also.  The D-line had one sack and a couple pressures but will need to step it up come fall.
  • Ricky Brewer laid a big hit on someone and looked happier and readier then any other Ram to get back to action.  Great News for the Rams after a year off due to suspension.

All in all it was a good spring for the Rams, they avoided major injuries to key players, got closer to answering some questions about youth on both sides of the ball, and more importantly they already look like a team that forgot about last year and is ready to make some noise in the up coming season.  There is seems to be an air of optimism in Fort Collins even after an ugly 3-9 season.