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UNLV 2010 Football Recruit Analysis: Week 3 - Recruits 7-9

This is the third article of an eight part "Recruiting Trip" that will describe each UNLV football recruit. Each seperate article will start off with the same introduction.

UNLV has a wide variety of recruits this year, as this coming year will be Bobby Hauck's first year as UNLV head coach. This class ranges from Defensive Ends to Running Backs and shows promise in almost every recruit. He impressed many people, including myself, in the job he did in such a short period.

Hauck was put in the top 25 recruiters by ESPN, given the late start he had, and that deserves some recognition in itself. His highest recruit that he signed was given a 75 by Scouts, Inc. and was a 3 star recruit, but when your coming from a team that went 5-7 its past 2 years and has literally no prestige under its belt, thats not a bad job of recruiting.

List of 2010 Recruits, their upsides, downsides and statistics:


Name: Eric Tuiloma

School: UNLV

Position: Safety

Height/Weight: 5'11" 185 lbs.

High School: Desert Pines High School in Las Vegas, NV

Other Offers: NAU, Utah, Utah State, Idaho

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, ESPN, Scouts, Max Preps

Eric has a lot to offer, he is very quick in reacting to the run but is also patient in wrapping up the RB. He hits well and has the agility of a Running Back. I think the best part about his recruiting video was that he intercepted a field goal. Yes you heard me right, he intercepted a field goal attempt and returned it for a touchdown. Talk about a vertical leap. I really think if he gets to know Coach Hauck's defense, he could become a recognizable figure out on the field. The only issue is that sometimes he reads too much into the QB's eyes and leaves a receiver open. The upside? Great talent agility and is very patient. The Downside? He tends to get to agressive when having not hit anyone in a while.

Name: Sidney Hodge

School: UNLV

Position: Cornerback

Height/Weight: 5'8" 160 lbs.

High School: Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas Nevada

Other Offers: None

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, ESPN, Scouts, Max Preps (Scouts and Max Preps don't have this player in their database)

Hodge was listed as a cornerback on his scouts profile, but he fits the profile of a slot receiver. Being small and not the relative fastest guy, he wouldn't really be able to matchup against a good wide receiver. Because of his quckness and agility, he could run short routes out of the slot and get open for a short pass. Hodge could develop in to a consistent slot receiver and really compliment a star receiver. He also seems that because of his build he could be a good kick returner.


Name: Nolan Kohorst

School: UNLV

Position: Kicker

Height/Weight: 5'11" 160 lbs.

High School: Green Valley High School

Other Offers: BYU, Utah, Boise St.

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, ESPN, Scouts, Max Preps

Kohorst already can kick field goals over 50 yards and consistently did over his senior season. His made field goal percentage was over 80% last season and was kicking off to inside the 10. Having a kicker of that stature definitely helps, and when the current kicker is a senior, you're going to get some chances. Nolan looks like he will be the starting kicker next season.