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TCU's Jerry Hughes Picked 31st Overall To The Colts

In a somewhat surprise move Jerry Hughes was picked late in the first round by the Colts, a great spot for Washington where he should follow in line with the other great Colt defenders:

Hughes might just be the best pass-rusher in this draft, according to SB Nation's Stampede Blue. He'll play defensive end in the Colts 4-3 defense. The Colts place a high premium on defensive ends (Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis) so while the pick is surprising it makes sense.

SB Nation's Colt blog Stampede Blue love the pick:

My personal take is the pick is outstanding. So, no punches flying or embarrassing tirades on the draft floor at Radio City. I'm actually quite ecstatic that Hughes lasted this long. As we all entered this draft, we said offensive line and pass rusher were BIG priorities. Some of you wanted Brandon Graham, and he would have been a great fit as well. However, Hughes offers the type of explosion from the DE position that the Colts absolutely must have to content. Their defense simply does not work when they cannot pressure the QB (see Super Bowl 44, the second half). 

For more reaction definitely go check out Stampede Blue who all ready have multiple stories posted about Jerry Hughes.