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Harvey Unga Really Wants To Return To BYU

Last week when BYU running back Harvey Unga withdrew from BYU for honor code reasons it was assumed he would not try to be re-admitted and take his chances at the NFL's supplemental draft. It looks that Unga may try to return to BYU to finish his collegiate career and to graduate (he would be the first in his family to have a college degree). A few notes about the honor code and Unga's situation since he withdrew from school and was not kicked out the process is quite different:

Unga's voluntary withdrawal was seen by many as a move to avoid punishment from the school's honor code office, and take his chances with his own LDS Church bishop and BYU's administration. Mendenhall was asked if that voluntary move, and the "remorse" it showed, will help Unga in the long run.

Had Unga been kicked out of school he would have to go through the process that would be different. I am not sure of time lines on how long it would take for Unga to be re-admitted to BYU.

More quotes from head coach Bronco Mendenhall about Unga:

"He will be the first in his family to graduate and receive a college degree. He's matured in so many areas in his time here at BYU, and he loves our program and he wants to be here in the most desperate way. So that is his hope. That is his intent, and that is what he would like to do."

Bronco would take Unga back because he would have met the requirements to return to school, and thus make him eligible to return to the football field to help the team. The Cougars really do need him to return to the field for a shot at a good season.

A key difference to being kicked out from withdrawing from schools is laid out by BYU spokeswoman Carri Jenkins:

[When] A student makes the decision to withdraw, a review by the honor code office is not needed and the dean of students makes the decision regarding re-entry. Any student applying for admission or readmission into BYU must first get an "ecclesiastical endorsement" from his or her church leader. If Unga gets that OK from his bishop, the next step is approval from BYU's administrative leaders.

Not sure what the difference is in this situation rather that Unga's church leader knows him better then the people of the honor code office. Doing some research I was unable to find out when the deadline is to enter the supplemental draft, but since that draft is in July Unga will have sometime to try to get back into BYU. This seems far from over, and will provide for some much needed off-season football chatter.