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Bill Hancock Talks About The BCS Meetings

The favorite punching bag of the BCS is Bill Hancock and he dd an interview with the Orlando Sentinel to talk about this weeks BCS meetings. He talks about expansion, how no team wants a playoff, and the new rule that makes bowl games even more mediocre. 

Q: What do you think about the new rule that allows 6-6 teams to be given the same consideration for bowls as winning teams?

A: What gets lost on people a lot of times is how much a bowl opportunity means for the students, not only the athletes but the fans and the bands and the fans. I can't see how providing more students with a bowl opportunity is a bad thing. It bothers me when I hear people say so and so is going to a meaningless bowl. Well, it's not meaningless to those schools and those athletes, and I think it's disrespecting the athletes when people say that.

Nice way to not answer the question.  Also, how does this create more of an opportunity since there are only a certain amount of bowl games.  

Q: With the NCAA tournament set to expand, fans have wondered why there is no movement toward getting a playoff in college football. What is your response to that?

A: I get to talk to a lot of fans who have a lot of different perspectives, and I think the people who know best about college sports are the people who mange it, the athletic directors, presidents and commissioners. It's what they think that will determine what happens. I remember I wasn't in favor of the expansion to 64 because I thought it diluted the field and that turned out to be wrong. I was wrong about that, so I'm not sure anybody has a great crystal ball to determine what the tournament is going to look like in 20 years.

There is a chance that he could be wrong about the college football post season being so grand.  The regular season is the best of all the sports in college football, but the end of the season is terrible.  It is always fun to poke fun at the BCS.