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Weekly College Sports Stories

Tuesday -

March Madness and the Final Four were fun, but the institution of college basketball is decayed and in need of major reform - ESPN
The Final Four was a blast, yes, but something is so rotten in the state of college hoops that reform is a must. The road the game is on is leading to the wrong kind of ending.


Wednesday -

The Expansion Game - How Much Are The Candidates Really Worth? - The Rivalry, Esq.
Here is a quantitative look at the eight most popular expansion candidates, as seen through the eyes of a university president. An in depth look at Big 10 Expansion.


Thursday -

Offseason of discontent has Oregon Ducks seeking answers, redemption
Since its Rose Bowl appearance, Oregon has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A troubled offseason has the Ducks searching for answers and redemption.


Friday -

Boise State Broncos break the mold of college football
Boise State's meteoric rise up the college football charts has nearly put it on par with the BCS powers.

Saturday -

Ohio State knows next step is national title
Jim Tressel has a belief about this place that his Ohio State Buckeyes players are starting to echo.


Sunday -

Wake Forest fans, meet Jeff Bzdelik
ESPN's take on how Wake Forest should accept the former Air Force head coach.


Monday -

Bracketology - 2011 96 team field
Joe Lunardi looking at the projected bracket if the tournament expands to 96.