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Weekly College Sports Stories

This is a segment that will go on each week about great stories in college sports from other sites.


Tuesday, April 6th -

COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAVEN: BCS Bash: The Scam: Automatic Qualifying Conference Champions
The first part of BCS Bash by Yguy, as his SBNation screen name precedes him, is about the scam the BCS has made most of us buy in to.


Wednesday, April 7th -

COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAVEN: BCS Bash: The Cover Up: Overall Conference Strength
The second section of BCS Bash goes over how the BCS covered up their scam through overall conference strength.


Thursday, April 8th -

COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAVEN: BCS Bash: The Evidence: Performance on the Field
This is third segment in the BCS Bash. This part describes the evidence that the BCS does have a cover-up and that it is a horrible one.


Friday, April 9th -

COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAVEN: BCS Bash: The Solution: It's About Conference Champions
The Stunning Conclusion to the BCS Bash. Find out just what Yguy thinks is the solution to all the guilt found in the BCS.

Thursday, April 10th -

Are the Broncos the Butler of Autumn?
Butler's run to the NCAA men's basketball title game isn't all that different from the road that Boise State finds itself on. Sustained success helped both teams break through the glass ceiling.


Friday, April 11th -

Butler Bulldogs coach Brad Stevens exhales after title game, begins preparing for new season
Brad Stevens got home early Tuesday morning after Butler fell short in one of the most thrilling endings ever in a national title game.


Saturday, April 12th -

March Madness and the Final Four were fun, but the institution of college basketball is decayed and in need of major reform
The Final Four was a blast, yes, but something is so rotten in the state of college hoops that reform is a must. The road the game is on is leading to the wrong kind of ending.


All of these are great reads on college sports and I will have more next week.