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Making The Rounds: Wyoming Cowboys


Injuries have decimated the Wyoming backfield this spring and are down to one scholarship back for the rest of spring. 2009 true freshman Alvester Alexander who lead the team in rushing is getting the majority of carries this spring with the unfortunate injuries, but his work load during the season will be about the same as last year:

"The reps are going to stay the same," Dave Christensen said. "We're not going to overdo Alvester. He's a proven player. But the number of hits he takes is going to be limited."

"Ball leverage is an issue," he said. "He's got to learn to play more than a couple of plays at a time. He's got to play when he's tired. He hasn't learned to do that yet. He's got plenty of things to work on."

Dave Christensen's offense helped a Mexican college team capture their national title last year:

"We looked at the spread offense and the version that was [easiest to study] was Dave's," Morales said. "He had books and many, many videos and so we bought all of them.

"After we met, I invited him to Monterey and they came a few years ago and we went to Missouri for a couple of days and since then we've been communicating."

In the 21-team Organizacion Nacional Estudiantil de Futbol Americano, Nuevo Leon finished fourth in Morales' first season, second in his second and won the title in his third.

"It's basically the same system," Morales said. "[The offense] has definitely helped a lot. The spread is becoming a more popular offensive system and [this clinic] is something that helps a lot."


In the spring  football game the Texas team defeating the Fight team, 34-3 lead by Gilbert Garrett, not a good sign if there is a blowout in the spring game:

Garrett Gilbert had barely finished his first big day as Texas' starting quarterback when coach Mack Brown was hit with the big question.

Can he lead Texas to the national championship?

"I think so because he's been around and played a lot," Brown said Sunday after Gilbert was 10 of 13 passing for 165 yards and three touchdowns in Texas' annual spring scrimmage. "We don't want it all on Garrett's shoulders, but I think the fact that he played in the one this year will help him next year."

Not this year Longhorn fans, just do not listen to much to ESPN's College Football LIve pre-pre season number four ranking.

Boise State

Head Coach Chris Peterson has his spring press conference:

Question: How is Kellen Moore's deep passing going and is there anything you can do to improve that?

I think it's more a matter of just doing it and timing, a couple technique-mechanical things, setting your feet, having the ball leave your hand the same most of the time. But those guys are just going to have throw not only from what they've done this spring but all through the summer. They're going to have to make that an emphasis and a priority. All those guys are going to take a bazillion reps. It's a low percentage throw anyways. And so if we can increase the percentage of that 5 to 8 percent or 10 percent when we launch a deep one, that can have dramatic implications on a game.


Here is video of the preser as well:


Is putting a lot of trust in the offensive line:

With key graduation losses at quarterback, running back, and wide receiver, the Rockets' offensive line will be relied on to carry the inexperienced members of offense at the beginning of the season.