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TCU Season Basketball Wrap-up

What is there to really say about TCU hoops?  This slogan may come in handy: 'At least we are not Air Force and sometimes Wyoming.'  Not that it helps second year coach Jim Christian who is trying to get their team back on track to at least a mediocre team.  The last time TCU was any good was in the 1997-1998 team that went 27-6 and 14-0 in WAC play. The team earned a trip to the Midwest Regional played in Oklahoma City, OK.before they would lose in the first round to Florida State.

That is the pinnacle of TCU hoops and they have done nothing in their short run in the Mountain West.  

This year the team was basically a punching bag for the upper half of the league and pretty much any team with a pulse. The best quality of TCU was their style of play which was a slow it down team which did allow them to keep pace with much, much better teams.  The thing TCU did have three double digit scorers in Ronnie Moss, Zvonko Buljan, and Edvinas Ruzgas, but besides those three TCU had little scoring depth.

There tempo helped keep scores down and falsely made their defense look better then it was -- even though it was not that good.  There are very little high points for a team that won 13 games.  The future is not much better as the Horned Frogs lose two of their top three scorers with only Ronnie Moss returning. 

The team was undersized and near the bottom of the Mountain West in rebounding with 31 per game, and they turned the ball over an average of 14 times per game.  The team was not disciplined enough, or talented, to hang with the upper teams in the second half.  Shooting was an issues as well with TCU only able to shoot 44 percent from the field and even worse at 35 percent from beyond the arc.

The odds of TCU ever being a power in the MWC is probably not going to happen any time soon, especially since they are losing the most players from any team, and were still at the bottom of the Mountain West.