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UNLV 2010 Football Recruit Analysis: Week 1 - Recruits 1-3

UNLV has a wide variety of recruits this year, as this coming year will be Bobby Hauck's first year as UNLV head coach. This class ranges from Defensive Ends to Running Backs and shows promise in almost every recruit. He impressed many people, including myself, in the job he did in such a short period.

Hauck was put in the top 25 recruiters by ESPN, given the late start he had, and that deserves some recognition in itself. His highest recruit that he signed was given a 75 by Scouts, Inc. and was a 3 star recruit, but when your coming from a team that went 5-7 its past 2 years and has literally no prestige under its belt, that's not a bad job of recruiting.


List of 2010 Recruits, their upsides, downsides and statistics:


Name: Alex Novosel

School: UNLV

Position: Offensive Tackle

Height/Weight: 6'6" 260 lbs.

High School: Chatfield Senior High School in Littleton Colorado

Other Offers: Colorado, Northwestern, Kansas State, Colorado State, Utah

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, Scouts, ESPN, Max Preps

This 6'6" Senior out of Littleton, Colorado played Offensive Tackle for Chatfield High School for 4 years and showcases great ability in pass and run blocking. Easily gets off the line before any DE would and puts them on their back. The three star recruit was given a 75 by Scouts, Inc. He considered Colorado, Northwestern, Kansas State, Colorado State and Utah but in the end signed with UNLV to become a freshman for the 2010 season. His upside? Great strength, size and knowledge on how to block a DE. The downside? He tends to get flat footed out of his release and gets put on his back occassionally, giving the DE a free path to QB.

Name: Taylor Spencer

School: UNLV

Position: Wide Receiver

Height/Weight: 6'1" 190 lbs.

High School:Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas Nevada

Other Offers:Utah, NAU, Arizona State, Fresno State

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, Scouts, ESPN, Max Preps 

Taylor Spencer is one of eleven UNLV recruits that come from Nevada. The 6'1" WR out of Bishop Gorman is a quick, sneaky wide receiver that gets through the seams easily. His vertical isn't that much, 2'6", but where he lacks in jumping, he makes up in quickness and acceleration. His hands aren't exactly the best out of wide receivers, but their good enough. Spencer has good but not great speed with his 40 yard dash time coming in at 4.61 seconds. His quickness was displayed when he got a 4.39 on the 20 yard shuttle.

Spencer has a lot of room to grow and could truly blossom into a all-time UNLV great WR. He considered Utah, NAU, Arizona State and Fresno State before ultimately signing with UNLV. His upside? Displays great quickness, football knowledge and knows how to get to the open area without bringing a defender with him. The downside? His hands and speed aren't exactly the kind you would expect from a three star receiver.


Name:Ian Bobak

School: UNLV

Position: Defensive End

Height/Weight: 6'4" 237 lbs.

High School:Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas Nevada

Other Offers: Nevada, Fresno St, Portland State, NAU

Recruiting Profiles: Rivals, Scouts, ESPN, Max Preps

Bobak comes from one of the premier football high schools in Nevada and for good reason. He has a physical style of play, likes to get in the OT's head and have him badly bruised by the end of the game. He doesn't have issues out of the gate, he's very explosive and that can be a real advantage against a slower OT. He does a good job of being able to get his hands up and seperate from the blocker. He had a great 40 yard dash time of 4.73, which is outstanding for a Defensive End. Shuttle time was 4.57 and has a vertical of 31 inches, showing that he has great athleticisim. He considered other offers from Nevada, Fresno St, Portland State and NAU (Northern Arizona University). The Upside? He displays great athelticism and football IQ. His Downside? He does not have a good work ethic and has trouble with wrapping up the Quarterback when going for the sack.

Next week I'll go over recruits 4-6 for the 2010 UNLV Football recruiting class.