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Max Hall Confirms Tim Tebow Did Not Request A Prayer Prior To Taking The Wunderlic

The supposedly insider site Pro Football Talk had a story about Tim Tebow requesting a prayer before the Wunderlic test and when he did a crude response was thwarted toward Tebow:

"Shut the f--k up."  Others players in the room then laughed.    

Even when PFT's Mike Florio talked to Tim Tebow who said it was not true the PFT source did not back down from what transpired.  According to Tim Tebow, he said that he only talked to BYU's Max Hall about doing a short prayer prior to the test.

Well, Max Hall just happened to be at BYU's spring practice yesterday and talke to Jay Drew of The Salt Lake Tribune and confirmed that the swear directed toward Tebow never happened and in fact Tebow never talked at all about praying prior to taking the Wunderlic:

"Yeah, I heard about that [report]," Hall said. "It didn't happen. I sat right next to Tim the whole time, and he didn't say anything at all about praying. It's totally not true. Not true at all."    

So, there you have it -- if anyone really cared -- about Tim Tebow calling for a mass prayer or even talking to BYU's Max Hall about praying for the Wunderlic.