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Versus Is Still Dark For DirecTv Subscribers

DirecTv and Versus have been in a dispute over fees since late August and has been off the air since August 31st, but as recently as last week there was a glimmer of hope that the two sides agreed to terms to bring the channel back to DirecTv.  The satellite company has approximately 17 million subscribers who have not been able to see the NHL, Mountain West, Big XII, Pac-10 sports, and the WEC. 

The supposed agreement would have been a bad one in my opinion where DirecTv would have placed Versus on their sports tier package which is similar to HBO and would cost about $12.95 per month.  Not really the best way to gain more MMA or NHL fans to their sport.


Well, that report was a rumor which is some what good news since the channel will not be put on an upper tier that very few people subscribe.  It is too bad these two sides can not get together in terms and are alienating the fans of those sports and the organizations themselves who are supposed to be broadcast on that channel.  Wonder how long it will be before the top of these sports leagues get involved.

Fans of the Mountain West know all too well about having a tough time to watch their sports.  The Mtn. channel finally was put on DirecTv after two years of nothing, and is on a regional foot print or on a sports pack.  Originally the only way to get the channel was on cable if your provider carried it, and you lived in the right area.  CBS College sports was on an upper tier and most recently was dropped down to a more reasonable package.  Then there is this DirecTv deal with Versus gone sour.  The only good thing is that not a ton of MWC sports are on Versus, but to bring this back around to a more current topic the title game for the MWC tournament is on Versus and millions of people will have to find a place that is not the comfort of their home to watch the game.