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Bubble Watch: San Diego State and UNLV

The Aztecs are considered by many to be one of the last four teams in the tournament, while UNLV is in the bracket but not a complete lock.  However, if there are some upsets in conference tournaments then San Diego State may have to win the MWC tournament to head to the NCAA tournament.  UNLV should be safe if they win their opening round game, but since they are not locks they belong in the bubble discussion.

Below are games that could effect the Aztecs at-large chances:

Saint Mary's vs. Gonzaga (9:30PM ET ESPN) St. Mary's is pretty safe squarely on the bubble for an at large bid if they do not win. A Gonzaga win would definitely be what San Diego State and UNLV want.

William & Mary vs. Old Dominion (7:30 PM ET ESPN) ODU is the favorite and should win this CAA final matchup. If not they should be safe to get in which would take away another bid from a bubble team.  ODU has a 33 RPI and have a decent record against the top RPI 100 of 7-7.

Fairfield vs. Siena (7:00PM ET ESPN2) Siena is in a similar situation of Old Dominion with an RPI of 37 and a 5-5 record against the top RPI 100.  Their gaudy record of 26--6 might be enough if they lose in tonight's final.

This section should be updated daily with bubble matchups that will effect the MWC.