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BYU Takes on TCU In Final Game

BYU all ready has the second seed locked up for the conference tournament where TCU has the chance to move up to the six spot if they win and Colorado State loses.  There may be some tie breakers involved since TCU and CSU split, but expect TCU to stay at the seven spot since they need to win today and that is not happening.

However, TCU is a pesky opponent who gave New Mexico fits on Wednesday and the Horned Frogs are decent at home witha 9-7 record, so the Horned Frogs are not a total push over at home.  Do not expect TCU to win this game this afternoon. With an expected win against TCU the Cougars will tie the school record with wins which was set in 1950-51.

This is a game for BYU to get Jimmer Fredette to play some meaningful minutes since he has had some type of stomach virus that limited him in the New Mexico and the Utah game.  Look for Fredette to get in 30 minutes to get his legs under him in real time game experience. Also, look for BYU to play freshman Brandon Davies to get some minutes since he has stepped up with Fredette being limited due to his illness.  Davies as well as Michael Lloyd to get some time since he also has blown up the past few games, and could be the key for the Cougars to make a deep MWC and NCAA run.

TCU's chance is the same as mentioned for the New Mexico game, which is if they can control the pace to a crawl then TCU will have a shot to contend in this game.  The Horned Frogs behind Ronnie Moss will most likely keep it close if they slow it down, control the ball, and are not careless on defense.  So, basically if TCU plays the perfect game they might be able to compete.