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BYU Cougar Basketball Wrapup

BYU had one of their best seasons in school history as they set a school record with 30 wins and also won their first NCAA tournament game since 1993.  BYU was second in the conference with a 13-3 record and finished one game behind New Mexico.  Even though BYU had one of their best seasons in school history to some fans it was a disappointment end to a season since they were knocked out in the second round of the NCAA tournament by Kansas State.  Part of the reason some thought that the end of the season was a disappointment was because they were under seeded at a seven, plus some thought there was a hope that BYU would make it to the Sweet 16 which was in Salt Lake.

The Good

  • Jimmer Fredette was a stud who could take over a game at any point with his deep range shooting and his ability to take players off the dribble.
  • Freshman Tyler Haws fulfilled the hype as he scored 11 points and four rebounds per game.
  • The emergence of Michael Lloyd who played big when Jimmer was out sick or in foul trouble.  
  • The biggie of course was getting their first NCAA tournament win since 1993.  
  • Dave Rose became cancer free in August.
  • Jonathan Tavernari is graduating, so no more inconsistent play from him.

The Bad

  • Jonathan Tavernari being wildly inconsistent
  • Not much since this was the best team in a long time.
  • Early season loss to Utah State that could have affected tourney seeding

The season went as well as anyone could have expected with the exception of not winning the regular season conference or conference tournament, but by winning a NCAA tournament game makes up for that.  Dave Rose being able to go through cancer treatment in the offseason and becoming cancer free prior to the fall semester was a huge achievement.  

The future looks bright with MIchael Loyd, Tyler Haws, Jackson Emery, and especially if Jimmer Fredette comes back for his senior year.  Also, with the way BYU is out recruiting Utah in the state the Cougars should have sustained success for the foreseeable future as long as Dave Rose is the coach.