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Utah Hoops Team Losing Two More Players

First it was Jordan Cyphers who was transferring from Utah and then  Matt Read decided to leave the program as well.  Then tonight the sky is falling as Carlon Brown who initially said he was staying is now leaving the program along with Chris Hines.  This leaves only David Foster and Marshall Henderson (cross you fingers Ute fans) as players who are on the team with significant time.

The players are said to be leaving because they are not getting the playing time they wanted and Utah not being a good fit.  One and maybe two players is understandable but four players leaving a program means something is going on with the program at the top. If Utah thought this years team was bad the 2010-2011 team could be really, really bad and challenge for the bottom of the Mountain West.  

Jim Boylen could be out next year with this problem of transfers coupled with a tough season coming up next season. Ute students should be on the look out for flyers promoting walk-on tryouts just so that Utah can fill out the roster.

Even for how bad former coach Rick Majerus allegedly treated players he never had losing seasons or mass transfers, and it looks that the best years of Utah basketball are in the past.