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Is Jim Boylen A Candidate For The Iowa Job?

For some reason unknown to me or most of the Utah contingency Jim Boylen is a coaching candidate for the Iowa job, according to Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis.  This is odd since Boylen is coming off of a losing season and has an overall record of 42-25 with last year being his best where the Utes won the conference tournament as well as tying for the regular season crown. 

So, not so sure why JIm Boylen is being considered for this job.  Last year he was courted by Arizona but ultimately turned them down and signed an extension with the Utes.  The only conceivable reason Boylen is linked to the Iowa job is that he was a long time assistant at Michigan State under Tom Izzo, because his record certainly does not reflect a better job.  Is Iowa even a better job then Utah?  Their last winning season was in 2006-2007 the last year of Steve Alford.

Every Ute fan would agree that this year was to be a rebuilding year with expectations to be a .500 team at worst, however the team was wildly inconsistent as they beat UNLV twice.  Year one was an expected to be bad but Boylen managed an 18-14 record, and then last year he got the Utes to a five seed, and as explained this year was a terrible.  There are some questions with Boylen on if he can recruit to Utah, especially since BYU's Dave Rose is easily winning the recruiting battle in state.  Plus, there is the mess of Luca Drca who he re-recruited and Drca repaid the Utes by regressing from last years standard.

So, is JIm Boylen giving up and going to take a job in the familiar Big 10 conference?  This could be just rumors. There is an outside chance that he will mention the rumor since he will be in New York City as part of the CBS College Sports regional final coverage this weekend.  But probably not.