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March Madness On Demand Watch All The Games Here!

If you do not know what that is from the title, then well you have been living under a rock. CBS has a FREE!! video player that allows you to watch every game of the NCAA® March Madness on Demand® online again for FREE!! I remember the first year or two they had it for $9.99 and I was glad to pony out the cash and have at least one computer and my tv going at the same time to swap through games.

Besides just sharing info about this sweet produce you will notice sometime today a CBS Sports widget on the right sidebar with a full schedule, check out Alligator Army who all ready has the widget up for a gander and to take a peek at the team BYU is playing.

The big news if one was not sure from the title is that the good folks at CBS are hooking us up to have the March Madness on Demand® Player to be placed here on the site!  What this means is that during the open threads that we have will now include the player, so you can watch the games while staying here to comment. Plus, I expect an explanation on how each of you were able to skip out on work or just watch at work and not get fired.  I could be wrong on this, but I think the only restriction is blackout rules may apply for what game is being shown in your area, but I am not exactly sure.

Either way come hang out and watch hoops tomorrow.

UPDATE: The CBS schedule widget is not here on the site on the right side.  Also, the player will not be on this screen but it will be a pop up will go directly to the games in the tread, but you can choose any game.  The open thread page will still be on in the background with the CBS player in a new window.