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Bubble Games To Watch

SB Nation has their updated Bubble Watch and here are some bubble games to watch for with two from the MWC.

Houston vs. Memphis 130PM ET (CBS College Sports) Tigers need two wins to maybe be safe, and  a slip up by UAB would definitely help their chances.

Boise State vs. Utah State 300PM ET (ESPNU) The Aggies most likely need to win the conference tournament to get in, and will sweat if they do lose especially early in the tournament.

Southern Miss vs. UAB 330PM ET (CBS College Sports) UAB is a near lock but a win here should seal the deal for an at-large berth if they do not win the title.

San Diego State vs. Colorado State 530PM ET (The Mtn/CBS College Sports) SDSU needs a win to most likely be in.

Florida vs. Auburn 730PM ET (ESPN 360) The Gators desperately need a win.

Cincinnati vs. West Virginia 9PM ET (ESPN) The Bearcats need to keep winning to get in and are still on the outside of the bubble.  They need this game and probably another to make a good at-large case.

Utah @ UNLV 1130PM ET (The Mtn/CBS College)  UNLV is safe, but to be really safe they need to win.