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BYU Stereotypes Do Not Escape the NFL Combine With Video

We all get the dumb BYU jokes that they are old and married.  Haha, real funny, but at the NFL combine one would think that throughout the NFL combine those would not be brought up.  Well you are wrong.  Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock crack jokes about BYU tight end Dennis Pitta being married for the past nine years real mature guys, well at least Charles Davis makes a point to try to bring it back to actual football by saying he caught a lot of balls.  These quotes are right at the beginning of the video.

Other highlights are the man crush that the guys have on Pitta which in my terms can only be rivaled by JD and Turk from Scrubs in Guy Love.  If you prefer you could put their words behind some cheesy Boyz To Men love ballad or Barry White, or it really could be seen as a creep fest how these men drool over Pitta.

Then to cap off the end of this Rich Eisen -- who I just lost some respect for -- makes a mention of Pitta making a reference to feeding everyone with bread which relates to Jesus feeding a large crowd with a little bread.  The capper was Mayock referring to Pitta to a PIntance.


OK so they made a few cracks about BYU, but watching a decent amount of the combine and listening to people who talked about it there was no other references to any school like were toward BYU.  There was no reference to mentioning Oregon LaGarrette Blount as the guy who was suspended for nearly all of 2009 for punching the Boise player, of if one prefers no reference to Duck players being thugs who get arrested and come from sketch backgrounds. If there had been mentions about that pretty sure Oregon fans or people associated with the school would have made a sting.

I am not a bitter or offended BYU honk, but rather am tired of these jokes about BYU players and think guys need to grow up.  However, the love fest was a bit creepy, check the video for yourself.