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Four-Star WR Kenneth Scott Talks Utah Commitment

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Utah has just completed putting together their best recruiting class in school history.  The class is very offensive oriented.  A big time player in this class is four-star wide receiver Kenneth Scott.  Scott is big receiver from Colony High School in Ontario California who can make an immediate impact at the University of Utah. ranks Scott as the 34th best wide receiver in the country and ranks him at No. 47.  With the departure of many senior wide receivers, young players will look to get playing time this year for Utah including Kenneth Scott.

Why did you choose Utah?

I chose Utah simply because of the coaching staff, how great they are and the consistency of winning in the program.  Playing early played a factor in it also but overall just the tradition of being winners.

What do you think of Utah's offensive system?

Utah's offensive system is extremely great because of me being able to have the ball in my hands more rather than a couple times, as in a Pro Style offense.

How do you think you will be used within the Utah offense?

I've been told that I'll be used like a newer model of Freddie Brown and the role he had on offense.

What are your thoughts on playing with Jordan Wynn?

My thoughts on playing with Jordan are that he's an extremely great competitor and you could tell he just wants to win.  With him as my future QB we could make a lot of things happen.

What are your thoughts on the 2010 Utah recruiting class?

My thought on the recruiting class is that all the coaches on the staff did a great job going out and recruiting the best talent for us to be able to win a National Championship.

How do you feel about playing for Kyle Whittingham?

Playing for coach Whitt is great because his attitude is a winner and that's what it is all about nowadays.

What were your impressions of Salt Lake City and the University of Utah campus?

My impressions were that it was real beautiful.  I loved everything about it and could see myself being comfortable there.


Utah loses some key receivers this season including David Reed, Aiona Key, Elijah Wesson and John Peel. Are you looking to make an immediate impact?

Those are a great group of receivers.  With them leaving it makes me strive more to work harder because I wanna be better than what those dudes were and have people wanting to talk about me years and years from now. So this year I really look to make an immediate impact.

What are your thoughts about playing in the Mountain West Conference?

The Mountain West Conference is real good.  A lot of people look down on us but it's really competitive.  You can just check the bowl records.

Were any other schools close to Utah?

Honestly there weren't because none of them offered the same stuff that Utah put on the table.  I just felt like Utah was the right choice after my research.

What are your best attributes?

What people say is that my leadership, knowledge of the game and willingness to work hard to be the best.

What are some goals you want to accomplish on the field for your career?

I have my eyes set on a National Championship and winning more and more bowl games.  Also the Biletnikoff Award and take a crack at the Heisman.


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