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BYU Finalizes Their 2011 Football Schedule

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Going independent has its perks for BYU; like being on ESPN, rebroadcast rights, extra money and the ability to schedule whoever they want. Well, BYU has finalized their 2011 schedule with 12 games -- seven of them at home -- and if I were a season ticket holder I would be extremely disappointed. The home schedule is down right awful and worse then a typical Mountain West schedule.

OK, so we here on the site may not be the biggest BYU fans, but even Cougar fans would have a tough time getting pumped over home games against Utah State, San Jose State, Idaho State, Idaho and New Mexico State. Utah and Central Florida are quality opponents as are their road games, but the home schedule is just atrocious.

I can already hear the BYU fans saying, "but wait until 2013 when we play Utah, Texas and Georgia Tech at home." To that I would politely say, that is two years away and in the mean time there will be some bad opponents coming into LaVell Edwards Stadium.

I know starting off independence is tough, but man if I were a BYU fan I'd stay home and watch the games on ESPN. Here is their full 2011 schedule. With the schedule BYU could easily go 9-3 or 10-2 without even trying by playing against this schedule full of cream puffs.

BYU 2011 Football Schedule
Sept. 3 -- at Ole Miss

Sept. 10 -- at Texas

Sept. 17 -- Utah

Sept. 23 - Central Florida

Sept. 30 -- Utah State

Oct. 8 -- San Jose State

Oct. 15 -- at Oregon State

Oct. 22 -- Idaho State

Oct. 29 -- Bye

Nov. 5 -- at Louisiana Tech

Nov. 12 -- Idaho

Nov. 19 -- New Mexico State

Nov. 26 -- Bye

Dec. 3 -- at Hawaii