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Mountain West Connection Facebook Contest

I probably should have done this awhile ago since there is only a few weeks left till the end of the year, but I got the idea from SB Nation's Hockey Wilderness site. So take the time to go like their Facebook page as well.

We know most of you are on Facebook. Did you know we were too? Check us out at and "Like" the page, or to perpetuate the laziness of America just like us from this page right here.

All of our articles are posted there as well, and will be increasing the activity on Facebook by liking other pages and including other relevant links. Also, feel free to share our links with your friends or post on our wall and talk to us there.

We live on Facebook, and with 500,000,000 other users, we're pretty sure you do too. So, we want to make it easy to stay in touch with the Mountain West Connection.

In order to make it worth your while, we are introducing the Mountain West Connection Facebook Contest. When we hit each of these milestones, we will hold a drawing from among the people who "Like" the Mountain West Connection Facebook page by 12/31/2010. I know it is coming up but lets see if we can hit up at least the 500 mark, so share away because the more that like the page the better the prizes.

500 - 1,999 Likes: One item from store of your choice up to $25
2,000 - 9,999 Likes: One sweatshirt at store plus $15 gift card of your liking
10,000 - 40,000 Likes: One replica jersey of your choice from store and a $50 gift card of your liking
40,000 likes: One authentic Mountain West team football helmet or $250 gift card of your choice.

Currently the fanpage has 163 likes, and if we do not get to 500 I will still give away a $20 gift card of your choice. These will be a random drawing by me, so again the more you share the more you win!

So, check us out at facebook and tell your friends. Who knows, you may just win something!