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Future Non-Conference Games: New Mexico


With the timeline now finalized for Fresno State and Nevada waiting an extra year in the WAC, questions about scheduling have now arrived for a number of schools with the MWC and WAC schools now requiring 5 non-conference games. I went to and dug up tons of little nuggets as far as future non-conference games go... I'll list those here so that the people (myself included) who did not know about these games can find out. I'll simply go through the important non-conference games for the future years for MWC teams (Including Utah and BYU). There will be a post for each team on every Tuesday and Thursday and the posts will be in no specific order. If you want to find out which school's post is for that day, then follow us on Twitter for the information on when the post will be.

New Mexico

2011 Schedule - @Nevada, @Texas Tech, New Mexico State

New Mexico has some serious work to do with 2011 being next year and the Lobos still needing two more games to round out their schedule. Don't expect some more major cash games as Mike Locksley will be looking to save his job early on in the year. That will be hard to come by since they start the season off against Nevada and have Texas Tech in Week 3. If Locksley wants to keep his job, then he should be smart and schedule a couple of FCS Teams for a couple of wins (or losses). Don't look for more than one other FBS Opponent for that season. Another interesting thing is that their game with UTEP seems to be canceled for this  year.

2012 Schedule - @UTEP, @Texas, Texas Tech, @New Mexico State

Um... Looking at the schedule it goes like this: Loss, Loss, Loss, Maybe - what the heck was Locksley thinking??? Is he trying to get fired?

2013 Schedule - New Mexico State

Date is TBA on this game and there really is not much to talk about other than look out for New Mexico to schedule 4 FCS Opponents along with New Mexico State so that they have a legitimate chance at going to a bowl.

Other Non-Conference Games -

2014 - UTEP, Arizona State, @New Mexico State

2015 - @UTEP, @Arizona State, New Mexico State

2016 - UTEP, @New Mexico State

Bits on the 2014+ Games -

Depending on if New Mexico improves, we could see some pretty easy non-conference schedules for them in the future. One thing I noticed is that New Mexico seems to be on the verge of being the next San Diego State. Locksley knows how to recruit, just not how to coach. If they can just find another Brady Hoke to replace Locksley in the near future, we just might see New Mexico playing well once again.