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Jordan Wynn Having Shoulder Surgery, Terrance Cain To Start Las Vegas Bowl

During an MRI taken Friday night by Utah's Jordan Wynn due to soreness revealed much more then that. Wynn will miss the next six months from the unspecified injury to his right shoulder which is his throwing arm. Wynn was attempting to rebound after having issues during the last few games, but instead of getting a chance to redeem himself against either Nevada or Boise State; Wynn will be on the sideline cheering on Terrance Cain.

Cain has been 9-1 as a starter and was replaced by Wynn last year even though he was 7-1, but the coaches felt he was not adequate enough playing the quarterback position. As a senior, Cain will get one last chance to show what he can do and do it against a top 25 team.

The injury to Wynn is a huge blow to the Ute program that is moving to the Pac-12, because Wynn will miss spring practice and is expected to be healthy in June. That means that during spring practice Utah will be lead by Griff Robles who will be the most experienced quarterback on the roster. Robles has only seen garbage time action in four games this year.

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