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Grading The Mtn: Introduction

I am going to be doing a new series on Mountain West Connection called "Grading The Mtn." over the next two weeks. The main reason why is because I think a lot of us really don't know how good the regular shows on The Mtn. really are. I think that most of us have this idea that if the live football coverage is crappy, then the shows that The Mtn. shows daily are crappy as well. I have to say that this logic, if used, is incorrect since producing a live football game is much harder then people think and that producing a studio show is much better then people think as well.

As a result, I've decided to do a two week daily series giving a letter grade for each show that The Mtn. does. I, for one, have never watched The Mtn. other than for live football and basketball games and I think that almost everyone else on this blog doesn't watch as well. If we actually knew how good (or bad) The Mtn.'s shows are, maybe we would watch more. Not just because it would be shows only about our favorite teams, but, in my opinion, also to get away from the bias towards BCS Conferences that is ESPN's coverage of College Football.

I think that if we actually start watching the shows, once we know the quality of them, we may just be able to help the Mountain West schools, literally. It's a longshot, but here is my logic: Right now, almost nobody watches The Mtn. except for football and basketball games. If we start watching the shows, then the network can report more viewers which helps with advertising and also helps with showing Comcast why the reach of The Mtn. needs to be bigger.

The advertising will in turn make the network quality better and give even more reason for Comcast to make The Mtn. a channel available nationally on their cable service. That creates a huge jump in subscribers to The Mtn. (TowerPower pointed this out to me in another thread. People don't have to subscribe specifically to The Mtn, all they have to do is subscribe to the package Comcast offers it with. i.e. With the new reach in Atlanta, The Mtn. is in the same package as NFL Redzone. Without knowing it, tons of people will subscribe to The Mtn. as well as NFL Redzone and the MWC makes money off of it. Put that on a national scale with the largest cable provider in the nation and the amount of money made off of subscribers jumps through the roof) that in turn actually helps provide money to the schools we consider ourselves fans of.

If there is an issue with that logic, please point that out in the comments for me as I am not even sure that us watching more of The Mtn. will actually follow this train of thought. With that, I hope many of you follow the series over the next two weeks and I hope you enjoy it.


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