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The Rose Bowl Has Spoken: Wisconsin Is Your 2011 Champion


It looks like the Rose Bowl is making a bold move by offering up 2011 Wisconsin Rose Bowl Champion shirts. The shirt can be bought for $20, but of course there is no similar gear for TCU fans to pre-order. In fact, none of the other BCS bowl games have a t-shirt available for pre-order for their potential bowl game winner.

I am sure the Rose Bowl was not behind this because why would they want one of the non-deserving schools winning their precious ball game.The last time a team from a current non-BCS league won the Rose Bowl was Columbia all the way back in 1934 where they defeated Stanford 7-0. SMU was the last non-BCS team to play in the Rose Bowl and that was in 1936 where they also played Stanford but lost 7-0.

The closest thing is the state of Alabama stating that all Academy sporting good stores will reopen to sell Auburn title gear when they beat Oregon.

Honestly, I am not sure who is behind this, but why in the world would anyone want to piss off TCU and Gary Patterson. I guess TCU will be working hard to beat Wisconsin so they can send these shirts to a country that needs them, and they can bee seen along side Buffalo Bill Super Bowl champion t-shirts from the mid-90s.

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