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Melee At Las Vegas Bowl Welcome Reception

It is an understatement that Utah and Boise State does not like Utah, well there may be more hate from Boise to Utah, but nonetheless neither team likes each other. During a welcome reception is when the two teams are interacting the most during the bowl festivities. Per the Idaho Statesman:

LAS VEGAS - A spat of pushing and shoving broke out between the Boise State and Utah football teams during Sunday's MAACO Bowl Las Vegas welcome reception - the first of several events involving both teams.

"Some pushing and shoving, some dishes broken," said Mark Wallington, the media director for the MAACO Bowl.

Utah moved to a lower level of the Hard Rock Café after the incident.

The incident started outside the massage room, where the bowl had provided professional massages for the players, toward the end of the reception.

"They were just mingling and they got into a little shouting match," Wallington said.

Professional massage? I guess being in Las Vegas that needs to be clarified from an unprofessional massage. Well, at least we know that both teams are ready for the game.

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