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BYU Releases Their Entire Offensive Staff

Just two days after BYU had a very good win over UTEP by scoring 52 points, Bronco Mendenhall is releasing all of his staff. This does not mean the entire staff is going to be actually released, because Mendenhall will hold individual meetings to decide who to keep. Offensive coordinator Robert Anae is surely out and the popular former Cougar quarterback and current quarterbacks coach should be retained and possibly as the offensive coordinator.

The talk of firing Anae was a hot topic after defensive coordinator Jaime Hill was let go after the Utah State lost. The reason that Anae was retained was because Mendenhall is a defensive coach which is why Hill was fired and not Anae back then. The offense has drastically after the TCU loss which is partly due to BYU playing bad teams and the fact that the offense was gelling after Heaps was named the starter. 

This announcement was surprising that the entire staff was let go and not just Anae, but look for at least Brandon Doman and offensive line coach, running backs coach and assistant head coach Lance Reynolds. I am not sure about the rest, but those two have been good coaches and I think they will be retained.

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