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If College Football Had A Playoff: Setting The Bracket

Here we go a college football playoff that is being organized again here on this site. The bracket changed from the original story due to there being a math error so Boise State gets the 10 spot. This series will be up every day at 10 a.m. mountain time and voting will last for 24 hours.  The only exception is that posts will be Monday through Friday and end right before the BCS title game. No need to go through why I think I like a playoff, but one thing I read from the Wiz was the weak defense about how the school presidents do not want to disrupt the academic calendar, but that is false.

Also, in this playoff I will use for a projected outcome and also the higher seed hosts until the title game. So, before the first post is up later go ahead and peruse the bracket.

  (16)Florida International
Game 1 Details
(1)Auburn Tigers
  (15)Miami, OH
Game 5 Details
  Winner of 1
Game 9 Details
Winner of 2
  Winner of 5
Game 11 Details
Winner of 6
  Winner of 9
Game 13 Details
Winner of 10
  Winner of 13
Game 15 Details
Winner of 14
  Winner of 11
Game 14 Details
Winner of 12
  (9)Michigan State
Game 2 Details
  (10)Boise State
Game 6 Details
Game 3 Details
  (11)Virginia Tech
Game 7 Details
(6)Oho State
  Winner of 3
Game 10 Details
Winner of 4
  Winner of 7
Game 12 Details
Winner of 8
  (13)Central Florida
Game 4 Details
Game 8 Details