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Mike Locksley Will Be Coaching New Mexico In 2011

Mike Locksely must be the luckiest man in America since he is keeping his job as the Lobo head coach next year.

"Obviously, we are making this announcement to quiet speculation about our head football coaching position," Lobo athletic director Paul Krebs said in a statement. "It's important during the current recruitment period that potential student-athletes know that Mike Locksley will be our coach in 2011.

"We have evaluated the season and the program, and neither Mike nor I are satisfied with the on-field results and we both expect improvement in 2011.

"We realize there have been hardships placed on the program in terms of injuries, scholarship limitations, scheduling, and even in the depth of personnel that coach Locksley inherited two years ago. Mike and I expect to see improvement in Year Three and this administration firmly believes that 2011 will show that improvement on the field."

In other words, Locksley is not being fired because New Mexico does not have the money to buy out Locksley even though he has been in a lot trouble.

Here is a list of the problems that Locksley has encountered in his two year span at New Mexico:


  • During his first few months on the job Locksley was accused of ageism and sexism for trying to fire someone for not looking attractive enough for recruits.
  • Punched wide receiver coach J.B. Gerald who then tried to black mail the school for $500,000
  • Had a dispute with a reporter at a local bar.
  • Do not forget Locksely is only 2-22 as the head coach.


Not real sure how bad it has to be for Locksley to lose his job, but I guess this time next year we will find out.

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