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BCS Chaos Watch Final Installment: Who does TCU need to root for this week?

To say last week went well for the Frogs is a big of an understatement.  Boise's shocking loss to Nevada put the Frogs in the drivers seat for the Rose Bowl and in the familiar position of the on-deck circle for the BCS Championship game much like last season when the Frogs were seemingly one phantom second away from the 'ship.  Hopefully this weekend will go better for the Frogs than this time last year when the Longhorns squeked on out over the Huskers but whatever happens it has been quite a season for TCU and a trip to the pretigious Rose Bowl is certainly nothing to scoff at.  Obviously to advance to the title game TCU needs the Cocks and the Beavers to pull upsets, which is why I am dubbing this "Sexual Innuendo Saturday."

Oregon Ducks (-16.5) @ Oregon State Beavers
I don't see the Beavers having a shot in this game but I said the same thing about the Boise-Nevada game and you can never count out an underdog in a rivalry game, especially when they are at home.  A Duck loss would most likely put the Frogs in the title game not only because the Frogs are sitting in the 3 hole but it also gives a nice arguing point for their schedule as they beat Oregon State 30-21 in week 1 at The Jerry-Dome.

Auburn Tigers (-6) vs. South Carolina Gamecocks
This is obviously the more likely of the two upsets as we've already seen the Gamecocks play the Tigers close in Jordan-Hare Stadium.  Back on September 25th the Gamecocks got out to a 20-7 lead in the 2nd quarter but then faded down the stretch with two second-half turnovers from Stephen Garcia and the Tigers won 35-27.  Look for South Carolina's breakout runningback Marcus Lattimore to be the x-factor here, he was held to 33 yards on 14 carries in their last meeting, but if he can get going on Saturday it could be an entirely different ballgame.  

Some are saying that not just any Tiger loss would move them below the Frogs, and that if they lost a game in overtime or by a last second field-goal they might still finish in the top 2.  I disagee with this line of thinking because with the latest revelation in the Cam Newton scandal I think there will be enough backlash from the media to keep them out of the big game, it just won't be coming from CBS, ESPN or the southern media, but contrary to their own beliefs they don't completly control the world of college football.