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TCU Round Up: 12/12/2010

<a href="" target="new">Via Keith Robinson</a>
Via Keith Robinson

The TCU Horned Frogs are set to receive yet another new uniform from Nike on Tuesday, the uni's will be worn in the Rose Bowl and will be presented at Cowboy's Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Nike also will unveil the BCS uniforms for the TCU Horned Frogs, Boise State Broncos and Florida Gators. TCU and Florida have worn helmets this season specially designed by Nike and painted by a Dundee, Ore., company, Hydro Graphics.

The Los Angeles business community looks to reap financial benefits from TCU replacing Stanford in the Rose Bowl:

Paul Little, president of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, said a Pac-10 team in the matchup would have been nice. But he added: "In measuring dollars in the local business community, having two teams from out of town is a plus."

The scalping community however.... not so much.  Suck it scalpers, you are scum.

"The Rose Bowl this year is slow,"   Sales manager Nick Terlap of Chicago-based ticket agency Vivid Seats told WKOW27 News. "Compared to last year, when it was Ohio State vs. Oregon, we probably doubled what our sales are now for this year."  Terlap believes TCU's small-school, lower profile status trumps its undefeated season when it comes to marquee appeal. "The opponent Wisconsin is playing against, for lack of a better term, if there was a sexier team to play against Wisconsin, there could be a little bit more buzz about it."

The announcement of TCU's move to the Big East in 2012 looks to pay large dividends in recruiting.

"The credibility [of now being in a BCS conference] is huge, just in our own state. I mean huge," Patterson said. "Just that perception will help us. This was just announced, and we are already fielding calls from recruits. Before, I think recruiting against some of the Big 12 schools was harder because they held that against us -- that we were not part of the BCS. Now, that doubt is eliminated."

TCU defensive end Wayne Daniels has been named a first-team All-American by the Football Writers Association of America.

Daniels is the fifth Horned Frog to be a first-team All-American this season. He joins linebacker Tank Carder, safety Tejay Johnson, kickoff returner Jeremy Kerley and center Jake Kirkpatrick.