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Future Non-Conference Games: BYU

With the timeline now finalized for Fresno State and Nevada waiting an extra year in the WAC, questions about scheduling have now arrived for a number of schools with the MWC and WAC schools now requiring 5 non-conference games. I went to and dug up tons of little nuggets as far as future non-conference games go... I'll list those here so that the people (myself included) who did not know about these games can find out. I'll simply go through the important non-conference games for the future years for MWC teams (Including Utah and BYU). There will be a post for each team on every Tuesday and Thursday and the posts will be in no specific order. If you want to find out which school's post is for that day, then follow us on Twitter for the information on when the post will be.


2011 - @Ole Miss, @Texas, Utah, UCF, Utah State, San Jose State, @Oregon State, Idaho State, @Louisiana Tech, Idaho, New Mexico State, @Hawaii

This schedule isn't exactly much greater than being in an MWC with Boise State and TCU (Yes TCU, they don't go until the year after). Jeremy wrote a good post about how the home schedule for BYU does not look good at all, you can read that here. As for their road schedule, it's not that bad. Texas, Ole Miss, Oregon State, Hawaii and one of the better teams in the bottom of the WAC, Louisiana Tech. This schedule might look better on paper with 6 good programs, but the home schedule is just horrible, not to mention that 6 WAC opponents does not look very good according to the BCS Computers.

2012 - Oregon State, Hawaii, @Utah, @Boise State, @Georgia Tech, @Notre Dame

BYU still has 6 spots left to fill in this schedule and don't be surprised if they just happen to be only FCS or WAC opponents, all these teams are great programs and it will be a tough schedule. That is, of course, if the WAC is even around in 2012. If they aren't around, then BYU is going to be in a real pickle in trying to find some Non-FCS opponents to schedule. Especially with all of these games being within the first 8 weeks of the season.

2013 - Texas, @Hawaii, Georgia Tech, @Notre Dame, Boise State

The Boise State game is TBA. This schedule has a lot of room to grow left, but look for them to schedule both Utah and Utah State as well. That should make for 7 games and the rest can be filled with WAC/FCS. This will be a very tough schedule since all of these teams (including Utah) definitely have the ability to beat them. On the contrary, if BYU at least goes 4-2 in those games, we could see a very highly ranked Cougar squad that year.

Other Non-Conference Games -

2014 - @Texas, @Georgia Tech, @Boise State, @UCF

2015 - Boise State

2016 - West Virginia

2017 - Georgia Tech

TBA - Notre Dame, @Notre Dame, Notre Dame, @Notre Dame


Bits on the 2014+ Games -

BYU fans who say that 2013 is going to be awesome for season ticket holders, take a hard look at 2014. Oh, by the way you will also be on the road against Utah that season. That makes for 5 road games against great programs, good luck. Note that West Virginia is going to be played at FedEx Field.


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