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Air Force's Troy Calhoun Has No Interest In Colorado Job

Colorado is still looking for a head coach to replace Dan Hawkins and one name can now be removed from the list; Air Force's Troy Calhoun. Calhoun has removed himself from consideration:

Colorado's search for a new football coach won't include Air Force's Troy Calhoun. Sources close to the search said Tuesday that Calhoun, long believed to be at or near the top of CU's wish list, could not be enticed to leave the Academy and CU is moving on to other candidates.

To those who do not know Calhoun's history it is not a shock that he is not interested in the Colorado opening. Just last season he turned down the opportunity to coach in the SEC at Tennessee. Also, Calhoun was the starting quarterback from 1986-1988 at Air Force and coached there in two different stints 1989-90 and 1993-94 seasons. Plus, Calhoun has coached in the NFL between 2003 - 2006 with both the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans as a defensive coach then ultimately the offensive coordinator with the Houston Texans.

Calhoun does not need a more high profile job in college if his ultimate goal is to eventually go back to the NFL, because he has NFL coaching experience. My opinion is that Calhoun will either stay at Air Force or go to the NFL and one thing to consider is that he is not pigeonholed into running the triple option offense. That was kept at the Academy because he for one knows the system since he ran it as a former quarterback and it gives the Falcons an edge since they do not always recruit the best athletes.

Minnesota has been mentioned as a possible landing spot for Calhoun, but if Calhoun is not going to move within the state for a similar job why would he go across the country to a worse job.

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