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Cam Newton Ruled Eligible For SEC Title Game, Per NCAA

The usually slow response by the NCAA has moved quickly in the Cam Newton pay-for-play allegations by saying he is eligible for this weekends SEC title game. Here is the timeline of how things went down this week:

On Monday, the NCAA determined that Newton had been the subject of a violation of the NCAA's code of amateurism. This violation, according to the release, was committed by the father of the player (Cecil Newton) and "an owner of a scouting service" (Kenny Rogers) when they attempted to work a pay-for-play scheme for Newton's services. 

On Tuesday, Auburn briefly ruled Newton ineligible for the violation, and applied for reinstatement.

The NCAA responded by reinstating Newton on Wednesday. Auburn has also voluntarily "limited the access Newton's father has to the athletics program and Mississippi State has disassociated the involved individual."

This does not mean the Cam Newton case is closed, but it does mean Cam Newton has been and will be eligible in 2010. Now, TCU needs to root hard for South Carolina to beat Auburn to give TCU get into the BCS title game.

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