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Future Non-Conference Games: Boise State


With the timeline now finalized for Fresno State and Nevada waiting an extra year in the WAC, questions about scheduling have now arrived for a number of schools with the MWC and WAC schools now requiring 5 non-conference games. I went to and dug up tons of little nuggets as far as future non-conference games go... I'll list those here so that the people (myself included) who did not know about these games can find out. I'll simply go through the important non-conference games for the future years for MWC teams (Including Utah and BYU). There will be a post for each team on every Tuesday and Thursday and the posts will be in no specific order. If you want to find out which school's post is for that day, then follow us on Twitter for the information on when the post will be. Also note that these posts were all written during the period of Friday-Tuesday in the last week of October, if it seems like these posts are about a week or two old, that's because they are.

Boise State

2011 Schedule - @Ole Miss, @Toledo, Tulsa, Nevada, @Fresno State

Wyoming was originally scheduled to round out this schedule until the news came that they were going to be in the MWC in 2011 and Fresno State and Nevada were going to join in 2012. As a result, Boise State is now needing to get two more non-conference opponents for the 2011 schedule. The good news is that Boise State shouldn't have much trouble scheduling. Here is a list of possible candidates for Boise State's OOC in 2011: Link

Wow... Boise State has now done this to me twice while writing this post where they simply will schedule a team while I'm writing this post. With Nevada and Fresno State now added, the schedule will probably get torn up by Craig James, Mark May, etc. Unfortunately we all know how tough this schedule really is - All of these teams went to a bowl game in 2009.

2012 Schedule - Miami (OH), @Oregon State, BYU, Michigan State

When I saw BYU was on the schedule, all I could think was "RUN THE SCORE UP!!!" No matter, BYU may or may not be a gooed opponent for BSU depending on how bad the damage from this season hurts. If BYU is able to recover, then this schedule will look very good. If not, then they still have Oregon State on the schedule. Just like every other school in the MWC, they will possibly be dealing with only three available non-conference games. If that's the case, then this schedule is full - if not then that just gives BSU more room for BCS opponents, the more the merrier.

Ok, I started writing this post on Friday and of course Boise State adds to their 2012, 2022 and 2023. Anyway, MSU makes this schedule amazing. That combined with the Mountain West challenges of TCU, San Diego State and Air Force should give BSU enough credit to possibly go to the National Championship this year if they go undefeated.


2013 Schedule - @BYU

The date for this game isn't set as of yet, so it caught me off guard to see every single date open for 2013. Anyway, I can't really give much of an analysis of a schedule that only has @BYU on it.


Other Non-Conference games -

2014 - BYU

2015 - @BYU

2016 - Washington State, @Oregon State

2017 - @Washington State

2022 - Michigan State

2023 - @Michigan State


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